We chose Steve for his obvious expertise

We chose Steve for his obvious expertise. Right from the get-go, Steve answered every question in detail and explained every step of the process. We were not your straight-up vanilla borrowers and Steve did not rattle at anything we threw his way. His experience and knowledge of not only the mortgage loan process but the financial wrapper around that process was crucial.

Literally... we could not have done it without him!

Nell Crawford


Thank you for Everything!! 

Steve, thank you for all your help in closing escrow on my new home.  You masterfully navigated a complex situation, and when it appeared the sale would fall thru because of an appraisal issue, you pulled another rabbit out of your hat and saved the day.  I'm very happy in my new house!! 

Sue K.

(Fortune 100 executive purchasing a new home in Los Angeles)



I'll never use a bank for home loan financing again!!

We submitted our refinance application with our (major) bank, believing as a current customer it would be a breeze.  Three months later and very frustrated we were referred to Steve.  Steve not only refinanced our home in less than 30 days at a lower interest rate, it was the smoothest home loan experience we've ever had.  A big and heartfelt thank you!! 

Joe and Angela B., Calabasas, CA


Moving a Mountain

Steve, I know it was something like moving a mountain to make this happen…  Thank you so much for everything you've done, and the gracious and kind way you have worked throughout …..

James S.  

(Divorcee, purchasing a new home) 


Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help with the mortgage.  The entire closing process, and mortgage application especially, went far more smoothly than I am used to.

Samuel F.

(Tax attorney purchasing a new home)



You were Fantastic! 

You were fantastic!   Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was a pleasure working with you.  When you are lucky enough to find a loan broker with ethics, honesty and communicating skills--you can't miss...you have it all.

I wish you many successes in the New Year and a wonderful Holiday season...

Betty H.  

(Listing Agent representing the Seller in a $1.7Mil purchase) 


A Gentleman and Scholar

"You are a gentleman and a scholar; a true joy to know. You move money around the way it is meant to be moved - with grace, ease, abundance and humor. Much gratitude and thanks".

Steve & Carol, Studio City, CA


Financial Brilliance

"I can attest to Steve Bernal's exceptional ability, love, and yes, generosity. We had two Real Estate transactions going on at the same time. He supported us with financial brilliance and love far outside what I could have ever imagined a mortgage broker could or would do. On top of that, he had the best prices I could find (and I did shop around) and made the whole process graceful".

Steve & Nanci, San Diego, CA